What does Raw Drip mean?

Raw Drip refers to the freshly perked cup of coffee I was sipping when I had my “I want to write a blog” epiphany.  It has nothing to do with porn.  Really.

Is Raw Drip affiliated with the successful clothing retailer in Japan?

Um, no.  That Raw Drip is actually making someone money – unlike my little venture.  So if you stumbled upon Raw Drip while looking to dress as a trendy urban hipster in Japan, sorry about the confusion.  If, on the other hand, you’re ready to grow up, pull up your pants and read the occasionally funny ramblings of an average working mother, then you’re in the right spot! 

How do I advertise on Raw Drip?

If you’re interested in advertising your website on Raw Drip, we have some very reasonably priced options.  Contact Samantha@rawdrip.com for more information.

Who do I talk to about writing for Raw Drip?

While Raw Drip is currently a one-woman show, with the help of my tech support and Chief Operating Officer, Dick, we’re always exploring ways of  enhancing Raw Drip’s content.  Check back later and I may have a different answer for you.

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