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Rumors of My Demise are Premature

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Dear Drips -
After several months of feeling mentally & creatively tapped by the competing demands of my work life and home life I nearly gave up on Raw Drip.  As much as I love my little creative writing venture it was looking as though time for writing would end up the loser in my ongoing [...]


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As we were running errands the other night Dick was suddenly overcome with a sharp pain in his lower back.  At first he thought it was a back spasm but after a few minutes spent writhing in pain on the sidewalk it became clear to me that we were dealing with a kidney stone.  With confused [...]


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As my posse was driving to Chick-fil-A for “Kids Eat Free” Tuesday somehow the topic shifted to who’s the coolest person each of us has ever known.  Reliably, Adam’s was Shaggy from Scooby Doo and Tabitha’s was her friend, Charlie.  I didn’t need to hesitate with my response. 
Immediately I declared that Dick was the coolest [...]