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Brutha’ can you spare me some change?

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Apparently Dick and I are very fortunate.  In a brutal economic climate, we have managed – miraculously – to remain employed and yet I, for one, feel no sense of good fortune and little of anything resembling genuine gratitude – only the begrudging gratitude of a prisoner apportioned his daily ration of bread & water by the [...]

Back to School…Again

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My kids and their classmates were startled from their morning routine the other day by the shrill sounds of bells followed by the firm instructions from teachers to line up, stop talking, keep their hands behind their backs and march outside – a fire drill.  Coincidentally, I had my own fire drill at work that [...]

I Shadow

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As one of the world’s most gullible people I have the sales resistance of a compulsive hoarder at an after-Christmas sale. The fact that I routinely fall prey to the lamest of sales pitches is particularly ironic when you consider that I’ve spent the last 10+ years of my career as a training designer trapped [...]