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We Have a Platypus Problem

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Getting out in the morning is never easy, but it’s made considerably more difficult when you’re saddled with a 5 year old who is having a conniption over a missing platypus.
“I can’t go to Art today without my platypus dressed!” Adam wailed with tears streaming down his cheeks.
This was the first I’d heard of his [...]

A Baby Lizard to Start With

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Living in a sub-tropical climate certainly has its benefits  - and its drawbacks.  Chief amongst the drawbacks are the assorted beetles, spiders, snakes & lizards one must constantly contend with.   Even more terrifying than an actual encounter with a bug, snake or lizard are the horror stories everyone shares about these creatures inhabiting homes, cars,  food, or bodies (that’s another blog [...]

I’ll make a deal with you fellow parents: you stop sending my kid home with cheap, messy or destructive toys in birthday party goody bags and I won’t tell your kids where you really put all the “art” projects and worksheets they bring home from preschool…if you get my drift.
Look, I understand that you don’t [...]