While cruising CNN one morning, I stumbled across a repeat episode of Anderson Cooper – a show I’ve really never watched.  But it would seem I’ve been too dismissive of Anderson.  Him and his gang of intrepid reporters are clearly on top of the most current, relevant stories of the day as evidenced by their coverage of Bigfoot recently photographed on Mars.  

Now, I’m a Bigfoot believer (he’s out there…), but even I have to admit that this sighting of him on Mars is a bit of a stretch.  With Bigfoot such an elusive photographic subject on our planet, how did he manage get his picture snapped  hanging out around the Mars Rover? 

I think the obvious answer is that this photo does not capture the “real” Bigfoot.  Check out the Mars Bigfoot photo (left)and compare it with the Garden Yeti photo (right).  You have to admit, there’s a resemblance. 

I know it’s not an exact match, but certainly, it’s possible that some crafty Martians were inspired by the Garden Yeti and managed to use their advanced technology to fashion one of their own for some intergalactic punking.  Besides, what’s more believable – that Bigfoot has been living on Mars all these years, or that clever alien Garden Yeti fans are having a little fun with NASA?

At least now when I read our new favorite book, Man on the Moon to the kids, I can assure them that there are aliens…and, thankfully, they’ve got a wicked sense of humor.

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