The way I see it, there are two classifications of mom porn: Class 1) the kind that is only a remote possibility but it may happen at some point in your life, and Class 2) the kind of mom porn that exists strictly in the realm of fantasy. An example of Class 1 mom porn: Your husband folding and putting away the laundry, without being nagged, guilted, or bribed with fellatio. Now, that’s pretty darn hot, you must admit – also, pretty darn unlikely. Then there’s Class 2 mom porn: Something that’s so outrageous, so beyond the realm of possibility that it’s hard to even imagine it – but you know it when you see it.

In light of the fact that so many of us are going through truly tough times, I wanted to give you as much high-quality mom porn as 30 minutes and a $1.50 in internet usage could provide. Yes, ladies, it’s time for your moment of zen – some seriously hot, Class 2 mom Porn. You’ve earned this…


Huvafen Fushi Resort & Spa, Maldives

Ah. Is that not the most amazing thing – ever? I didn’t even look at the rest of the photos of the rooms, all I could think of was, “How much for a 6 day/7 night stay in the bathroom? Who needs another room to sleep in as long as you’ve got that gorgeous bath tub.”

If, unlike me, you’re curious to see if the other rooms in this ocean paradise live up to the standards set by the bathroom, click here for more amazing mom porn, courtesy of the Huvafen Fushi – Resort and Spa, Maldives. Something tells me you might want some privacy for further viewing – just in case you lose your composure.


P.S. Loyal Drips – you know I’m hopelessly devoted to you when I’m willing to write a post sprinkled with porn, thus gauranteeing I’ll see a dramatic increase in annoying comment spam.

And Dick, I know the Class 2 porn i’ve shared here is a tall order, but because I’m feeling generous, I’ll give you the next 2 years (from today) to either get me that bath tub get away or spontaneously fold and put away all that laundry on the folding table. Go for it, Tiger!

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