A Parent’s Worst Nightmare, courtesy of our funny friends at failblog.

A Parent's Worst Nightmare

“I’m 14 & think I’m ready 4 a child?”  Where to begin on this one…

First of all, if you can’t handle basic grammar, please don’t spawn.  The world is already full of too many people who write & speak in texting lingo.

Secondly, I’m 37, married with two children and I’m still not sure “I’m ready 4 a child”.  You’re 14, for crying out loud! Go do whatever it is that your generation does for entertainment.  Or better yet, go do what my generation did for entertainment and hang out at the arcade and play some Ms. PacMan or eat some Jolly Ranchers and pretend to smoke some Capri Lights in the mall food court.

Yikes!  I think my “mom” is showing…

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