My precious (a.k.a. my MacBook) is away being repaired by the Apple Geniuses so I only have my iPhone and my work computer for blogging & tweeting.  Since typing anything lengthier than a text message on my iPhone is torturous and my work computer isn’t really for personal use , I’m left posting only the shortest of entries for the next few days.  Promise I’ll make it up to you later with another painfully long diatribe that only a few of  you will the have time or attention to read. 


If I could afford to leave this cubicle grave yard and seek out a new fantasy career what would it be, or better yet, what would I be? 

I’ve said I would love to be a writer – which is absolutely true.  Writing is my cardio.  But assuming that writing never manages to pay me a living wage or burn off my plethora of ass fat (and so far it hasn’t in either case), maybe I should try something else?  How about being a massage therapist, a farmer, or a chocolatier?  I mean, what’s not to like about massage,  bacon, and chocolate? 

Then I read this great article from the Sunday Style section of the NY Times about Plan B careers and thought twice about going into massage or farming:   What’s Your Backup Plan?

As for being a chocolatier, I refuse to believe that there isn’t any future for me and chocolate.  We have so much history together.  Besides, the world has yet to appreciate the life-changing, orgasmic power of the dark chocolate coconut daiquiri truffle I will someday invent.  Got your attention now, didn’t I?

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