As I recuperate from yet another nasty illness this year, I’ve had some time to sit around and “heal” with my laptop by my side for distraction.  Naturally, this leads to mindless web surfing, which usually leads to visits to all of my “favorites” - those favorite bookmarked sites in my web browser. 

Here are some of my favorites that I thought were worth sharing:

Auction Site:  Housing Works Auctions

Housing Works is a charitable organization combating the dual tragedies of HIV/AIDS & homelessness.  What better way to support their ambitious goals than to shop at their thrift stores next time you find yourself in New York City?  Or, airfare being what it is, save your money and shop from home!  Housing Works has an awesome online auction so you can bid on some beautifully beneficial booty while seated on your beautiful booty. 

Now, when I say “thrift store”, I don’t mean stores filled with the mothball smelling discarded crap merchandise like old coffee mugs and raggedy Old Navy tees.  If that’s what you’re looking for, go to Goodwill.  The stuff on the Housing Works site is the good stuff.  Somehow they comb through all the crap and manage to find only the top-notch merchandise for their site.  Typical finds include last season’s Jimmy Choo pumps still in their original box, vintage couture handbags from the likes of Chanel, Gucci, & Louis Vuitton, collectible art work & books, and interesting cultural artifacts from all over the world.   While I may not be able to afford to expand my handbag collection at my local Saks, I can definitely afford to splurge here and there on some lightly used designer accessories while supporting a good cause.  Check it out and you’ll find yourself adding this site to your favorites, as well!

Baby Clothing:  Wry Baby

While message tees may be on Glamour’s “out” list, I think they still work for tykes.  Besides, as a parent, what better way to express your perspectives on life than by swathing my innocent infant in provocative message tees?   If you were to wear the same tee shirt, you’d have belligerent a**holes calling you out all over town, but put it on your kid and there’s just something cuter about that “Republicans Suck” tee shirt.

Children’s Bookstore: MoMA Store

I know.  It’s not too surprising to find a former NYC resident extolling the virtues of MoMA.  I have to admit that their online store is a great place to find interesting and unusual merchandise.  But my very favorite thing about this long-time favorite is the wonderful children’s book collection.  Many of the books featured are modern classics and many are just wonderful, off-the-wall stories that are vibrantly illustrated.  Whatever you’re looking for, if you’d like it to entertain and stimulate your brain as much as your children’s, check out this site’s amazing selections.

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