I really can’t remember what it was like to decorate my living space on my own now that I have Adam & Tabitha here.  Not only have they quadruple-handedly changed my entire style, they’ve encouraged me to push the boundaries of my design horizons.  They’ve challenged my comfortable interpretations of decor by playing with traditional notions of symmetry, proportion, form and function.  And after years of resisting their influence, I’m finally learning to embrace their design philosophy. 

Like many modern artists, Adam & Tabitha’s statements are bold, tongue-in-cheek spins on traditional silhouettes.  Below is a photo of my bathroom vanity, for instance.  I’m sure you’ll agree that, at first glance, it seems very safe with its soft, spa-like colors, predictable decorating symetry and utilitarian accessorizing.  But look closer…  

What's out of place in this picture?

Do you see it? Have you spotted the one item that boldly challenges my conventional interpretation of “spa retreat”?

Who's that?















If you identified the Mr. Incredible action figure - you’d be correct!

In re-merchandising my space, my personal decorators have cleverly incorporated that most elusive and prized decorating element  – the unexpected.  What better way to embrace the unexpected and challenge convention than to include a miniature super hero figurine into the space?  You have to admit, it’s a bold choice and it stands in almost comical juxtaposition to the serene, yet sterile surroundings of a run-of-the-mill bathroom spa retreat.

I don’t mean to brag, but my bathroom isn’t the only room in my house where they’ve worked their magic!  Their design aesthetic has permeated most every inch of my space.  Undeniably, their presence has had a profound influence over me and my decorating choices.  Everything I thought I knew about my design aesthetic, and heck, about myself, is slowly being overtaken by Adam & Tabitha, who’ve turned out to be much, much more than mere personal decorators.  They’re also life coaches, assistant buyers, personal trainers, and constant companions. 

Thanks to them, so many of my long-held fears are being confronted every day. My miniature lifestyle tag-team forces me to push the envelope of my own expectations and slowly, I’m starting to love all of their surprises, wherever they turn up.  And that, my friends, has definitely been the unexpected.

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