So, I’m at work today dressed in what I call my “zommby” costume – sort of a working mother + traditional zombie look. It’s not so much a costume as a uniform, since it’s pretty much the way I look everyday. My look, not surprisingly, consists of a general “undead” appearance complete with an aged pallor, bed head, dark circles under the eyes, disheveled mom clothing, and candy corn earrings.

The only problem is that my costume seems to be too clever for most people here. They just don’t seem to “get” that I’m a zommby. They didn’t even bother to enter my name into the office Halloween costume contest. I want (and deserve) a shot at that $10 Applebees gift card, darnit! You people can play “dress up” one day a year, but me and my fellow zommbies are trapped in our costumes every single day.

Alas, I can only assume that my coworker’s diss means that my all too clever look just totally rocks on the authenticity front. Sadly, and In true zommby-like fashion, my quest for brains continues ‘cuz clearly we’re fresh out of ‘em at the office.

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