1. You find yourself ordering for your partner in restaurants because the multi-page menu and hard decisions like soup vs. salad, completely overwhelm him.   Someone’s got to step in and help the poor, confused bastard before the server slugs him and that someone is you.
  2. You squeeze really big, nasty zits for each other.
  3. You know he’s thinking about your boobs and he knows you know it.
  4. You can have an entire date night dinner conversation on a mundane topic such as the merits of franchising as a business model and then both refer to it later as a “dazzling” conversation.
  5. Your partner helps you look for your yeast infection suppository applicator after the kids steal it from the bathroom and use it as a gun for play fighting.

Now, even you cynics out there have got to admit – it must be love;  ‘cuz it certainly isn’t romance, anymore!

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