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There are times when we all regret saying exactly what’s on our minds in front of our children (see my previous post referring to the use of the word “stupid” in front of the kids).   But at 7:30 a.m. on a weekday, pre-coffee, and after the 3rd whiny, foot stomping encounter with Tabitha complaining about the fact [...]

The F Balm

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When I signed on for the whole kid & family thing I knew I’d be making sacrifices big & small.  But no one said anything about how many sacrifices, nor how difficult it would be let go of my old ways, and they certainly didn’t have the courtesy to mention how much I’d come to [...]

The Wonder Years

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It’s easy to forget how simple children are.  I realize that statement is, at best contradictory and at worse downright blasphemous, so I’ll clarify.  Having children – parenting them – is extremely difficult, and gosh knows they can be moody little suckers, but every once in awhile they surprise you with their ease and leave [...]