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As I sat in my desk chair working from home today, I received this email from the Office Manager:
I was just going over my key log and I see that I had a desk key assigned to you when you sat downstairs.  That key was never turned in.  Do you still have it?
Thank you,
P. Tripper
It’s been [...]

More Cubicle Decor

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I’m known around my workplace as “the creative one” or “the one with all the flair”.   When someone needs something to look nice, they come to me. I’m the fixer when it comes to sexing up technical documentation.  Coming from a bunch of humorless finance and awkward technology geeks, I take their description of me as a [...]

Life in the Cube

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So many of us spend our lives trapped inside cubicles that it’s no surprise we’ve developed a certain affinity for them.  I hate my prison cell cubicle.  I think I’ve made that much clear by the minimal ornamentation.  My cube is sparsely decorated with a few pieces of kid artwork and a handful of frequently referenced interoffice memos – mostly on the importance of [...]