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Vacation? Day Four

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I’ve described the location of my family’s home as “rural” to which many people reply, “Oh how nice it’ll be for you to get a break from this rat race & enjoy some peace & quiet!”
Um, yeah…
The problem with that statement is that it assumes I blame civilization for all my stress when, [...]

Vacation? Day Three

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I’m fairly certain that I’m not in hell despite being trapped in a small house in the woods with my family and lacking anything resembling modern convenience. I am also certain that I will find myself in a special hell set aside for urban elitists who find signs like this highly amusing.
In fact, I think [...]

Vacation? Day Two

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After spending many hours catching up on lost sleep from Saturday’s marathon of a day, Dick and I cuddled in our plastic-covered bed listening with delight to the sounds of a grandmother trying to entertain her rambunctious grandkids.
Hearing Adam apply guilt in a shameless attempt to score pre-breakfast candy, I struggled to get out of [...]