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My dear friend Edna Lee is getting married in a few weeks and she has chosen yours truly to be her matron of honor.
(Personally, I wouldn’t be my first choice for the wedding photos, but I guess Ed likes to walk on the wild side.)
Of course, I’m thrilled for my friend and honored to be [...]

wishy-washer (adjective)
Definition: Slang term used to describe an individual who does not wash their hands after using the toilet or who posses poor bathroom cleansing habits
Example: Mary’s friends didn’t like to touch her after they learned that she was a wishy-washer.

If I could figure out how to use the WordPress polling plug in for Raw Drip, [...]

As Dick and I were unpacking books for our new bookshelves, we got into a debate about book placement.  For my part, until we actually take the time to organize our books library style, I wanted them grouped by genre, then size, then sub-grouped by hardback or paperback.  I realize this is ridiculously anal of [...]