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Today’s shameless attempt at self-promotion:  Raw Drip is now on Twitter!  Cue the trumpets!  Bang the gong!
In a few short months, I’ve gone from an FB ignoramus, to a Someecard slut, to a Twitter twit.  My journey to the dark side is nearly complete…
Not to mix my metaphors, but when it comes to Twitter, resistance is futile. [...]

Since discovering the “Create Your Own Card” feature on, I’ve become an unstoppable card creator often spending hours at my computer writing for fun and no profit.  When I shared my new obsession with several of my girlfriends, they were horrified at my stupidity. 
“Why would you license your great ideas for free?   Now someecards will make money [...]

Now I’m on a mission

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Despite having un-subscribed from’s sexist email spam, this is what showed up in my inbox this morning:

“Is he thinking about leaving you”? 
Seriously??  And what’s up with the picture of that worried woman with sex hair?  Are they implying that she just put out and now he’s thinking of leaving her because she sucks in [...]