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I think reading one’s daily astrological forecast is a fun, harmless ritual – pure entertainment. I belong to’s subscription service which emails me my daily horoscope. However, the unfortunate side effect of this daily ritual is an onslaught of spam email from the people, who seem to be convinced that emailing [...]

Being new to the world of Facebook, I’m still trying to navigate the murky territory of interacting online with people you interact with socially in the “real world”.  I’m particularly fond of the  concept of “unfriending” people online.  When you’re tired of hearing about someone you’ve added as a friend, complaining about how miserable they are, or posting [...]

Writer’s Block

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I’m sure it seems to you that I suddenly dropped off the face of the earth about two weeks ago, perhaps leaving you pining for more Raw Drip (or, perhaps, not…).  As far as I can tell, I’ve had what professional writer types might call a case of writer’s block – a complete creative block [...]