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A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

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A Parent’s Worst Nightmare, courtesy of our funny friends at failblog.

“I’m 14 & think I’m ready 4 a child?”  Where to begin on this one…
First of all, if you can’t handle basic grammar, please don’t spawn.  The world is already full of too many people who write & speak in texting lingo.
Secondly, I’m 37, married with [...]

You’ve Earned This…

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The way I see it, there are two classifications of mom porn: Class 1) the kind that is only a remote possibility but it may happen at some point in your life, and Class 2) the kind of mom porn that exists strictly in the realm of fantasy. An example of Class 1 mom [...]

The Basket Case

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Cruising through my neglected Facebook Inbox today I stumbled upon the following message from a good friend relaying a sadly, all too familiar, story.  
“So … I get a Harry + David box in the mail from my brother and I’m thinking, ‘Woohoo! My big brother loves me and is thinking about me!’And I open [...]