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Brought Down by a Mob of Q-Tips

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I think it’s my latest head cold that has me feeling like a raw nerve, but today’s 10-minute run to the grocery store sure didn’t help.  My edginess was aggravated by the mob of elderly thugs who invaded my quiet suburban grocery store, seemingly for the sole purpose of trying to kill me, or at [...]

Breakin’ all the Rules

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Drat!  I violated one of my own cardinal rules and now I have photo evidence of my stupidity posted on my company’s website.   But I’m jumping ahead of myself.  Allow me to explain the cardinal rule, first.

“Never participate in any activity that involves you revealing your true weight or your size.”

For those of us who [...]

Finally, My Name in Lights

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After a lifetime of relative obscurity, it appears I’ve finally hit it big…in Japan.  On Harajuku Street in Tokyo (a street made famous to us less traveled Americans by Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Tour) there’s a hugely popular clothing store specializing in American-style urban street wear and it’s called Rawdrip.  Check it out…
First of all, [...]