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I used to think that there were only a handful of songs that could completely transport me to a different time & place, but as I’m getting older I’m finding that my playlist is growing, too.   Now there are songs that remind me of moments with my children, songs that remind me of my family, and some [...]

Parking Lot Stories

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I’ve always believed that parking lots are deadly.  I don’t have actual statistics to back up this belief, but the combination of people on cell phones in a tight space, maybe (or maybe not) following arrows strewn randomly about the pavement, slow-moving pedestrians, and throw in people who are driving backwards and this all says [...]

Teddy Bear ≠ Sex

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Zoning over some late night TV, I found myself simultaneously insulted and amused by an ad for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. The ad is aimed at desperate, hapless men who are devoid of original Valentine’s Day gift ideas for their wives or girlfriends. Here’s the commercial, in case you haven’t seen it [...]