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Restroom Etiquette

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As I was walking into a stunningly filthy restaurant bathroom with my children several weeks ago, between the fellow patron who hogged the only working sink to floss her teeth while a line formed behind her and the woman who had her cell phone set to “speaker phone” so we could all hear every little [...]

Palin in Comparison

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I hate to jump onto an already crowded bandwagon here – and I know that I’m breaking my no politics policy yet again – but WTF is going on with the media coverage of last night’s VP debate?
In watching the post-debate coverage, I couldn’t get over how analyst after analyst kept giving Gov. Palin [...]

The Politics of Accessorization

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I sat down to write tonight and turned on the TV for background noise. What a bad decision. I’m finding it difficult to focus on anything other than John McCain’s incredibly distracting tie. Maybe it would be mesmerizing if it weren’t so nauseating.
A suggestion for the McCain campaign: Always follow the Coco Chanel [...]