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A Diamond is Forever

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Good news for all you shameless jewelry whores out there: no more waiting around for your husband or partner to buy you that dazzling diamond ring you want (and deserve, damnit!).  No more scrimping to save money to buy yourself one of those popular right hand diamond rings, either.  Those right hand rings are lovely – for mass-marketed jewelry, [...]

A few of my Favorites

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As I recuperate from yet another nasty illness this year, I’ve had some time to sit around and “heal” with my laptop by my side for distraction.  Naturally, this leads to mindless web surfing, which usually leads to visits to all of my “favorites” - those favorite bookmarked sites in my web browser. 
Here are some of my favorites that [...]


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I’m a sucker for my daily horoscope.  It’s not that I believe them, exactly.  I guess I’m just drawn to read them for the entertainment value, particularly since my horoscope tends to describe someone who’s far more worldly, charismatic and attractive than I am.
Skimming through one of the many emails that flood my inbox, I saw [...]