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I ♥ Porn Spam

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In my email spam folder this morning, I found the best porn spam subject line EVER:
It’s Erection Day! Make the ladies line up for your pole!!!!
After all the talk of “the issues”, of voter engagement and the future of our country, it’s almost refreshing to see that someone’s been able to take this historic day and turn it into [...]

Trick or Retreat

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So, I’m at work today dressed in what I call my “zommby” costume – sort of a working mother + traditional zombie look. It’s not so much a costume as a uniform, since it’s pretty much the way I look everyday. My look, not surprisingly, consists of a general “undead” appearance complete with [...]

Welcome to The Bitch Board!

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It’s been a really hard week.  First there was my job – which has been unrelenting in its demands that I pay constant attention to it, as it exhausts me with it’s insistence that we pretend to care about each other.  It’s a seriously dysfunctional relationship…
Then there are my children – moody, complicated creatures who seemingly have taken [...]