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I’m still recuperating from the H-E-double hockey sticks that comprised the better part of my fall and the final 3 weeks leading up to Christmas.  In addition to battling “the cold that’s going around” and juggling my job which becomes all-consuming at this time of year, we also played host to my in-laws for 10 [...]

As 2009 and Raw Drip’s first anniversary grows near, I’ve decided to take a look back at my favorite moments of 2008 in picture.  I hope you enjoy…

March: No, this is not a really blurry photo of Dick; it’s my good kid, otherwise known as the dog, Detective Mike Logan.  Logan is pictured here behind the wheel [...]

Spoiler Alert!

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I was driving to lunch the other day when a guy in an 80’s era Pontiac Firebird cut me off in spectacular fashion. The brakes of my poor, neglected minivan nearly ground down to the metal as I tried desperately to keep from smacking into him after his abrupt decision to be in front [...]