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Decisions, Decisions…

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The other night I took a break from the mommy routine and spent some time enjoying the girlfriend routine.  I was helping my friend, Svetlana, pack up her living room for a move to a new apartment.   As we were cleaning out her entertainment center, we stumbled across several large stacks of video cassettes. 
I was impressed [...]


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In honor of this historic day, my family and I decided to pay tribute to America by doing what every American family with young children has probably done at one point or another; we ate dinner at a local fast food establishment.  Not only did we do this in honor of our American heritage, we [...]

Princess Shoes

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I think most women own at least one pair of what I now call “princess shoes”. In case an explanation of the term is necessary: princess shoes are shoes that are enchantingly lovely on their own, but when you put them on, you feel transformed into a more beautiful, regal or chic version of yourself. [...]